Cruise Travel Insurance

Cruise travel can be an exciting and memorable experience, allowing you to explore multiple destinations on one trip whilst enjoying amenities on board. Whether sailing across the world on an ocean cruise or embarking on a river cruise, it’s important to have the right policy to cover your trip. 

ABTA Travel Insurance includes cruise cover as standard on both single and annual policies. This is based on any of ABTA’s three levels of cover without the need to upgrade your insurance policy. Other insurance providers generally charge extra for cruise cover. 

What’s covered with ABTA Travel Insurance cruise cover?

ABTA Travel Insurance cruise cover includes: 

Missed departure - Should you miss a departure at the beginning or during your cruise due to a vehicle breakdown, public transport cancellation, adverse weather conditions or strike action, you will be covered for accommodation and transport costs to re-join the cruise at the next port. 

Cabin confinement – No one wants to get ill on holiday, but if you fall ill onboard, you may be confined to the cabin by the ship's medical officer to stop others on the cruise from getting sick. With the cabin confinement cover, you will be compensated for the days of the cruise you miss. 

Cruise itinerary change – Sometimes, on a cruise the captain must make changes to the itinerary that was planned due to adverse weather or timetable restrictions. Should this happen, you will receive compensation for this change if an alternative port is not offered.

Cruise interruption – If you become ill and need hospital treatment on land, cruise interruption cover will cover costs for additional accommodation and travel to rejoin the cruise at the next port.  

Unused excursion – If you are confined to your cabin and miss a pre-booked ship excursion, you will be reimbursed for the trip.   

ABTA Travel Insurance cruise cover by level of cover

ABTA Travel Insurance ABTA Travel Insurance Gold ABTA Travel Insurance Platinum
Cruise Cover
Missed Departure £750  £1000 £1500
Confined to cabin £300 (£30 per day) £400 (£40 per day) £500 (£50 per day)
Cruise itinerary change £300 (£100 per day) £400 (£100 per day) £500 (£100 per day)
Cruise interruption £1,000 £1,000 £1,500

Tips when purchasing Travel Insurance.

Make sure you take your travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. This way, you will be covered for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise before your cruise. 

Make sure you declare any pre-existing medical condition(s).  

Ensure your policy covers the cost of your trip, read your travel insurance policy carefully, and ensure that you have the right amount of cover for your trip.

Whilst we hope you never have to use it, having the appropriate travel insurance cover will give you peace of mind to relax and enjoy your dream trip.